The New Ford GT350R Rear Seat Option Should Really Be On The Raptor

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For $999, Ford will now sell you a factory-spec rear seat for your Shelby GT350R Mustang. Looks great! But there’s another vehicle it’d fit on even better.

Sure, it’s convenient to have little seats in your sports car for that first week you own it and insist on driving everywhere. But once that wears off, it starts getting tough convincing people to fold themselves in a space the size of a college dorm trash bin.


Now the Raptor on the other hand; abundant rear-storage space that rarely gets used for anything. The truck is purpose-built to do donuts in the sand while somebody yells “YEE-HAW” and what better place to do that from than an open-air rear-facing jump seat?

For the time or two you actually wanted to carry something in the bed of your Raptor (which I’ve seen happen exactly twice) (enormous spare tires don’t count) you could just have the seat-bottoms on a fold toggle and boom; you’re only sacrificing a few inches of cargo length.

Legal issues, you say? Ford Performance just marks it as “off-road use only”and washes its hands of responsibility! Surely nobody’s ever been hurt off road.


Ken Block knows what’s up; his RaptorTRAX “snowcat” truck runs a pair of rear-facers for brave and batshit passengers who know how to have a good time.

Alright, so maybe the odds of Ford adding a bed-seat retrofit to the Raptor are slim. That’s where you maniacs who want to film yourselves taking your truck off jumps come in!


Please be careful if you put some seats in the bed of your truck, but if you’re not please send pictures. Send pictures either way.


Images via Subaru, Ford

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