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After years of waiting and hoping, we are finally getting the Civic Type R in America. Not only will this be the angriest looking Honda you can buy, but the meanest sounding one as well.


The Civic Type R will have a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that will send 306 snarling horsepower to the front wheels. Normally, a motor of this size doesn’t sound all that intimidating unless it is an unrestricted engine crammed into a rally car. However, Honda has managed to give you that signature throaty noise in a street-legal hatchback.

One of the reasons it sounds so good is due to the odd third exhaust outlet that is smaller than the other two. CarThrottle spoke with Honda’s assistant project lead on the Type R who said the exhaust “...creates a certain negative pressure” at mid and high RPM, with the aim of reducing booming noise in the cabin while increasing overall volume.”

Just listen….it’s almost as if the Type R’s engine is the younger cousin of the Jaguar F-type’s fierce V8.

That rumble combined with Honda’s super slick six-speed manual is should make the Civic Type R one hell of a joy.

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