So it’s like that - but new.

We covered all the details back at launch in March, but the basics are that the new car dropped some weight, increasing aero and engine efficiency, as well as getting a boost in the reliability of the car and going for a strong focus on improved safety. More from our earlier report:

The R8 gets an LMP1-esque carbon fiber rear crash structure, which is a first for a GT3 car. The R8’s seats are built like the R18’s. The R8’s roof has some kind of rescue opening, as used in DTM, for pulling injured drivers right out of the car without disturbing their spinal cord.

GT3 is very much customer racing, and building GT3 cars is very much a business. It makes sense that Audi would pitch their new car on safety — that would sound pretty attractive to a new billionaire wanting to race Monza for the first time. It’s a smart move, and a reassuring one as well.


A smart move indeed, unless you want what money can’t buy.

For a 585hp proven race car, it sounds like a good enough deal. Production begins September 21, and if you’re quick you can receive it as early as October 26th. Audi claims the car will match regulations through at least the 2018 season.


Claimed increase in reliability or not, I’d go ahead and opt for the starter package.

Somebody buy me one of these. Because race car.