The New Acura NSX Makes Big Lovely Smoky Donuts

GIF via the appropriately named Donut Media

The new Acura NSX is a car too fun for its own right, constantly begging you to hoon it through its mere existence. Fortunately, there is an easy surefire way to get your need for noise and revs out: donuts.

Michael Shank Racing driver Katherine Legge, who races an NSX GT3, made up for lost tire-smoking time in this Acura road car. Her teammate Andy Lally got to do the celebratory donuts in the NSX GT3 after they won at the Detroit Grand Prix, so now this was her turn.

It’s somewhat of a given that the non-hybrid rear-wheel-drive NSX GT3 will donut with ease, though. The same modifications that were made to shoehorn it into the GT3 regulations make it a badass donut machine.

So, now we know: the hybrid all-wheel-drive road-going version of the NSX will make beautiful smoky donuts, too. Thank goodness. Why bother even having a supercar if you can’t smoke the tires?

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Hot take: I actually like the looks of the new NSX better than the original. Am I a bad Jalop?