Triumph have taken the wraps off their new super naked, the 2016 Speed Triple S and Speed Triple R. With some modest engine and bodywork changes, a great bike just got a little better.

The 2016 Triumph Speed Triple has been spied for months now, though with no major changes in appearance. Seeing the official photos, it’s easy to see how this bike could look similar to the previous iteration. But, upon closer inspection, I’m actually pretty excited about the changes - both inside and out.

Triumph aren’t releasing power figures yet, but claim the engine got 104 “new developments” that give the bike more power, more torque which is spread wider, and 10% better fuel economy. They’ve also shrunk the radiator and swapped for a new exhaust system that flows 70% better.

The new Speed Triple will also get selectable fuel maps, a slipper clutch, as well as switchable ABS and traction control to bring it a little more up to par compared to the competition.


The styling also get updates, with new bodywork and new headlights. The lights keep basically the same shape, but are rotated slightly so the lines are at least a little less awkward. Truth be told, while the changes are minor, they’re enough to take this bike from “wtf” to “ooh, I’m into that” for me.

Both the S and R models get Brembo Monobloc calipers, with the R model getting fancy body work, billet bits, and Ohlins suspension front and back.

Full details will be released next week at EICMA in Milan. Stay tuned.

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