Did you know you can bring a car's paint back to its original color and lustre with a little skill, knowledge, high-tech gadgetry and elbow grease? Paint correction is one of the most difficult, but most satisfying detailing skills to master. Especially on a 1958 Porsche Speedster.

In this episode of Drive Clean, high-end detailing expert Larry Kosilla demonstrates how to restore paint that's been damaged by simple age, poor washing, neglect or general disregard. As you'll see, Kosilla takes this stuff very, very seriously.


Using a bunch of very geeky detailing devices, Kosilla looks at scratches on a microscopic level, discusses why a car's surface temperature matters, and illustrates how abrasives work to remove or diminish paint scratches and imperfections. Anyone with a dual-action polisher and microfiber-cutting pad (as microfiber pads are extremely safe, even for novice detailers) can master these techniques, but make no mistake; this is a serious detailing nerd-fest.

And if you don't want to take your laptop to the driveway, you can download a how-to PDF.

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