The National Christmas Lighting Association Hates Us

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The Jalopniks love us some hate e-mail; it really breaks up the day. This one's priceless if only because it comes straight from an organization we assumed would surely be on our side (or at least largely indifferent), the National Christmas Lighting Association.

Subject: fags

I'm removing you guys from my favorites list for the following reasons;

1) Story lead ins that not funny and a pain in the ass to read. Seriously, why not just talk about automotive news instead of sitting there for 15 minutes trying to think of something witty to say? You're not funny... at all. Quit thumbing your asses to fantasies of GM's demise and write some
columns that aren't just a regurgitation of someone elses work.
2) little original content.
—> 3) you're all obviously gay.


That's it. This year, we're totally hiring a professional lighting designer.

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