The Most Unnecessarily Dramatic Clip Show Ever

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Rallying, surfing, drifting, and more, all of it set to Oh My God the Suspense music and played in slow motion. It's Michael Bay flick meets Top Gear turned up to eleven. Thrill or bore? You be the judge.


Actually, no, we're just going to call it: Boring with the odd moment of gratuitous Thrill. You! You out there! Did you make this? What the hell is wrong with you? Were you raised on soap operas and old episodes of My So-Called Life? Whatever happened to restraint? This thing is almost six minutes long! Life is not one big ball of drama, The O.C. is the world's most useless television show, and no one cares who Jennifer Aniston is sleeping with! Get off of my lawn internet! Shoo! You don't get your ball back, and if you keep this up, I'm going to tell your parents you sexually harassed my dog!

(With great Final Cut power comes great responsibility, kids. Use it wisely.)



Much more automotive slow motion, without the copyright infringement.