The Most Ticketed Car Show In America May Be 'Canceled' But We're Here Anyway

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The most ticketed car show in America, also known as H2Oi, is officially canceled. Done. Finito. But that doesn’t matter. We’re in Ocean City, Maryland, with the crew of Car vs. America, and it’s absolutely crawling with stanced cars. (And blog editors-turned-television-presenters.)


You found out about our new TV show yesterday, but we’ve actually been shooting for the last two months. And this week, the episode we’re shooting is all about stance.

H2Oi is notorious not just for featuring the best stanced cars in the world, but also for being a giant middle finger at The Man. In 2015 alone, there were 1,222 traffic stops. This is in a town with a population of normally around just 7,000 people. And just because it’s “officially canceled,” doesn’t mean that everyone puts their middle fingers away. Definitely not. The turnout will still be immense.

Even as I sit in my hotel room at type this, my walls are vibrating from somebody doing a burnout just outside. Frankly, I’m mad at all of YOU for reading this right now, preventing me from being out there RIGHT THIS INSTANT, and bathing in the heady vapors of all that sweet, sweet, tire smoke.

If you think I’m exaggerating, just check out some of the footage from years past:

H2Oi might not be sanctioned by the authorities this time around, but our own eyes and ears tell us that it’s most definitely still happening.


Are you in Ocean City, Maryland, this week? Let us know. Keep your eyes and ears peeled too, as you might see your favorite Jalops just hanging around. (And by that, we mean me and Raphael; if you have other favorite Jalops, too bad.)

If you do, come up, say hi, and show us your Stancenation pride.

Car vs. America premieres on Fusion on Wednesday, Oct. 18 at 8 p.m. ET and PT. Find out if you have Fusion here, and check out how to stream it on the Watch Fusion app.

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Welcome to your Official Guide to H20i Drinking Games 2017.

The rules are as follows:

1: Drink every time someone says the following: STANCE, CAMBER, FLUSH, VAPE, VEEDUB, SUBIE, BAGGED, BAGS, BAG, STATIC, CREW, HELLA, CLEAN, CLUB.

2: First one to black out and go to OCPD Drunk Tank wins.

Automatically Disqualified if:

1: Your hat bill is flat

2: Your hat is on forwards

3: You are wearing a belt

4: You are not vaping

5: Your tires last longer than 1,500 miles

6: Your car doesn’t scrape entering any driveway or going over any bump

7: You have a clean driving record with valid insurance and a clean title