The Markuzzi Exclusive Lamborghini Gallardo gains 60HP, borrows front fascia styling from the Reventon and restyles the side skirts. All well and good β€” 'til you make it around back. This abomination of a spoiler ruins the whole thing.

So Lamborghini has tossed itself into a stealth-fighter design aesthetic and it seems to be working pretty well. Their cars are over-the-top, look-at-me sinister concoctions β€” it's completely unique styling that is immediately identifiable as a Lambo.

Yes, stealth fighters are planes, planes have wings, and car spoilers are like upside-down wings, but that doesn't mean a spoiler needs to have trite F-35 Joint Strike Fighter-style fins and commuter jet style wing pods.


A driver in a Markuzzi Exclusive car might be marginally faster with 560 HP over the stock 500 HP cars, but they'll be laughed at all the way across the finish line with that monstrosity hanging off the decklid.

[Fancy Tuning]