Following the call of fellow countryman David Bowie's "Rebel, Rebel," a British gentleman has turned his 17-year-old Mitsubishi SUV into the very model of a modern Montero General Lee. All it took was some decals and three lift kits.

From the wilds of CarDomain, the Misubushi-Lee owner says the transformation took 15 months, with ever-increasing levels of customization, especially to give the suspension high enough for a Buckingham Palace guard to walk underneath — or at least not rub through the 44-inch tires.

Rebel David gives a detailed run-down of his build, including two resprays, underbody lighting, the obligatory wall of stereo speakers for the rear and some fun at local car shows where the General Li was set upon by strumpets. Sometimes they do come with the car.


All of this doesn't answer the biggest question of why? But then again, these truths may be self-evident; the Confederacy was a British ally, and there's really no other vehicle that could make rebels out of dukes.