The Most Badass Barge Of Them All: The 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst

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It's 1970 and you're the most successful strip club owner in Dallas. You've got the turquoise suit with the wide lapels. You've got the swimming pool shaped like a pair of siliconed knockers. But what to drive? How will you be able to ride in comfort yet still perform 100-yard burnouts in the parking lot of your club? Well, Chrysler had to solution to that all-too-common dilemma for the much-underserved Strip Club Owner segment: the 300 Hurst. It came from the factory with a 375-horse 440, 3:23 gears, heavy-duty suspension, and a strangely tasteful- for 1970- two-tone paint job (but, also strangely, no Hurst shifter). And I must have one.

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Hurst Chrysler 300 [source]

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One reason I'm so obsessed with this car is that I had a chance to buy one cheap about 20 years ago and I passed it up. Many self-kicks administered since that day (especially considering what I was driving at the time- all I'll say is that Joe Lucas was involved). But there's a guy in my neighborhood with a truly evil-looking/sounding chocolate brown '70 300; every time I see it I realize it wouldn't be so hard to put together one of my own.