What you have in a helicopter is a stick for control, two (or more) very fast moving rotors around you up in the sky, and a cabin offering as much protection as an eggshell. But 'copter pilots aren't faint hearted. These are the ten of their most skillful maneuvers caught on video.


10.) Opening a sixpack

Remember, opening beer with your helicopter is better with 90s Eurodance. Like everything.


Suggested By: McLarry

9.) Landing on a moving car

This just reminds me that I would totally rock a Škoda Yeti.

Suggested By: ADabOfOppo


8.) Playing the shepherd

Australia is a rough environment when it comes to animal control. The same goes for New Zealand...


therotaryisdeadlonglivetherotary has some first hand experience in the field:

My first summer tree planting we were on helicopters every morning and afternoon for at least a week. One of our blocks was so steep the pilot couldn't land so she just nosed it in and we got out while the helicopter was still under power, commando style. I will never feel that bad ass again.


Suggested By: therotaryisdeadlonglivetherotary

7.) Doing the Red Bull thing


Suggested By: Arch Duke Maxyenko the First


6.) Landing on highway rails

There is space.

There's always space.

Suggested By: _Mécanicien


5.) Saving deer

Remember the story? Ice is a menace...


Suggested By: Jordan Hewlett


4.) Cutting grass in Afghanistan

The CH-47D Chinook is not something I would jam into tight places. Then again, I'm not in the Army.


Suggested By: Demon-Xanth


3.) Staying under the bridge

This time, it was the Navy in Seattle doing some magic to save people.

Suggested By: Bret


2.) Landing on water to pick up a boat

  • Dude, could I drive my boat into your 26,680 lb helicopter?
  • No problem!

Like a boss.

Suggested By: Avarage-Joe


1.) Fixing power lines

Staying steady in rough waters next to a sinking ship takes skill. But playing the bird on a power line with a helicopter is the most terrifying thing I can imagine with a rotor above my head.


Suggested By: xenocyclus


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Top Photo Credit: PLANECLUBS

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