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Happy Thanksgiving Day to our American readers. For our non-American readers Happy, I don't know, Fiesta de Comer Los Sentimientos or whatever. I've given hard-working Micki Maynard the day off so she can enjoy dining and because only a moron releases important car news the morning of Thanksgiving.


Don't worry, we'll still be around with posts all day and I'll be here, in between cheering on the Texans and overeating, for those cases when morons actually do release news. In the meantime, please add your own gears into Kinja and I'll judge how well you've done. I'll do a starter gear and you can judge me.

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Choose Your Own Adventure, Dakar Plus Edition.

First Gear: The official press conference for the 2013 Dakar race took place in Paris yesterday.

There will be 459 vehicles entered this year. 189 Motorcycles, 40 quads, 155 cars, 75 trucks. Twenty-seven trucks will be from Holland, because the Dutch are notoriously down with trucks.

Second Gear:Official dates, stages and map:

Apparently, the official drinking word for Dakar is "exceptional,"

Third Gear: Complete entry list. Oh hai Mitsubishi. You're still in Dakar, so there's that:

Fourth Gear: Let's hope that both last year's overall winner, Stephane PeopleHitter, and race officials, both exercise better judgment and practice a fair sense of sportsmanship this year.

Fifth Gear: Opel is entering their Adam into rallying with the apparent goal of helping young drivers:

That's all for now. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.