The Mobile Tornado Actually Took Out A Bunch Of Cars At Mercedes Dealership

Yesterday, a tornado struck in Mobile, AL that caused a ton of havoc. The local Mercedes dealer looked to be hit pretty hard, with their sign toppling on top of a poorly ML350 that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.


We just spoke to Jim Sullivan, the General Sales manager at the dealer, and the damage was worse than that one poor SUV. Sullivan told us that, while nobody was thankfully injured in the tornado at the dealer, numerous cars weren't as lucky.

Sullivan doesn't have an exact number, but he estimates that somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 cars were damaged by the storm. None of these cars were AMG hot rods.

Amazingly, the dealer is back up and running already. They got the sign off of that ML350 yesterday morning and are up to speed. They are there, selling cars, and have replacements coming from Mercedes for the damaged ones.

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