The Missouri Ape Hanger Harley, an endangered species of one

Like a Midwestern motorcycle Sasquatch, this chopper has been making the rounds of the Internet for years whenever someone wants to illustrate weird life choices. The Missouri Ape Hanger Harley was spotted again Sunday in its natural habitat.

Jalopnik reader Doug snapped this picture on the streets of suburban St. Louis, where the bike has been caught before. The high handlebars — "ape hangers" in chopper speak — rank among the tallest in the world, and far exceed the 15-inch height above the seat allowed by Missouri state law. We'd guess the tassels are there for both fashion and safety; they give the bike that backstage-at-Altamont vibe and can be used as grips when the rider inevitably loses control after all the blood drains from his arms.


Luckily for the owner, being in St. Louis means he's just a bridge ride away from Illinois, offering fine casino dining and a lack of helmet laws. If you're going to gamble like this, why not lay a few more bets?

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