The Clever Mini Citysurfer Concept Solves The City Parking Conundrum

With a range of 10-15 miles, a top speed of 15 mph and a charging socket integrated into its holder for your smartphone the Mini Citysurfer Concept is an ingenious solution to the challenges of owning a car in an urban area.

Mini is totally right about the Citysurfer being a great idea. A light scooter that's more compact than a folding bike that can fit in any car's trunk, and with electric power plus effective protection from dirt and splash water onboard, you can park way outside the city center and just switch to the scooter for the last part of your daily commute. A range of 10+ miles should be plenty enough for the job.


The lithium-ion battery is integrated into the frame, and when it's done for the day, the electric motor is automatically switched off and disconnected from the free-wheel hub in the rear wheel so that you can continue by foot power without being held back by the motor's rolling resistance. The electric drive can also be deactivated at any time by pressing a switch in the brake lever.

The Citysurfer has regenerative braking on the move, but your car can also charge it through a regular 12-volt cable while at home, a conventional household socket will do the job using a special adapter.

To make the scooter as safe as possible despite its compact dimensions, the concept study is fitted with large and pretty grippy pneumatic tires, a telescopic shaft in the front section so that the handlebar height can be adjusted individually and hydraulic disc brakes at both ends.


It also looks production ready as it is now, just like most concepts coming from the BMW Group. And I wouldn't mind having one.


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