The Migos Guide To Luxury Transportation

In case you haven't yet heard of Atlanta-based rap group Migos, you will soon, after the booming success of the new remix of their song Versace with former Degrassi star Drake. And, in a typical move from Southern rappers like Rick Ross, they're introducing themselves by way of their taste in cars.


While rappers probably don't actually make that much money, according to people who have studied these things, I think we should probably take these guys at their word, as why not.

On their most recent mixtape, YRN, Migos (which consists of the trio of Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff) raps about what really matters: the value of being rich over being famous, having a Nextel phone, and Hannah Montana.

That being said, we know what people should really value – their automobiles. Migos doesn't disappoint, as they regale us with tales of Fiskers, Bentleys, and even BMWs. Yeah, that's right a Fisker. Who knew hip hop from ATL was getting so environmentally conscious?


Song: Rich Then Famous (Intro)

I just might pull out my Fisker, you pussy I see your whiskers
Call up the plug no Santa, but he sending trees and gas for Christmas


Back to the Fisker, I'm doing 250, I'm praying I don't get a ticket
Yes I'm a Migo, but I don't wear Dickies, I'll rather put on True Religion


The Fisker will probably end up being a future classic, as even in death it is being reborn as a source of lyrical pride. That being said, their Fisker is apparently capable of doing 250. I'm just going to assume that's in kilometers per hour, which is still fast enough to chance an encounter with the law.

Photo credit David Villarreal Fernández

Song: Chirpin'

Only want balance when I rock the Bentley
Gas so loud, y'all niggas can't hear me

The Bentley Continental GT has been king of the rapper's garage for a decade now, but in all likelihood Migos are all riding in the GT Supersports. The regular GT is known for being quiet when it wants to be, but if you want to go loud, you're going to want the one with the loud pedal. The Supersports is sporting over 600 horsepower.


Photo credit Ben

Song: Adios

You standin' and lookin' like you seen a ghost
Maybe it's cause I'm in this Phantom Ghost
I'm trippin' I just finessed you out the do'
Finessin' the plug, it's adios


Take Off, who spits this verse, seem a little confused here. Is he in the big Rolls-Royce Phantom? Or the smaller Ghost? Or maybe neither, as earlier in the song Take Off says he's in a "drop top convertible Rolls," and neither the Phantom nor the Ghost is a convertible? Or maybe he means the Phantom Drophead Coupe, which is a convertible? It's all very confusing.


Photo credit Axion23

Song: Hannah Montana

I'm in London with the plug, getting the same car as the Beatles
Got bricks in the Audi, the Hannah Montana, the molly go crazy


Now the lyrics are getting really confusing. The same car as the Beatles? As far as I'm aware, John Lennon only owned a hilarious Amphicat, in my mind. Sure, he had a few other things as well, but I don't think he was known for being an Audi owner.


Photo credit Minh Hoang

Song: Versace

You can do Truey, I do it Versace
You copped the Honda, I copped the Mazi


My car is Versace, I got stripes on my Mazi
I'm dressin' so nicely they can't even copy


The boys at Migos certainly prefer a Maserati over a Honda, and who wouldn't? Then again, they claim to have stripes on their Maserati. Do you know how hard it is to find a picture of a stripey Maserati? It's impossible. I'm calling shenanigans on this one.

Photo credit: Varin

Song: Bando

Traphouse look like it got hit by hurricane Katrina
These pounds bought a beamer, everything I do illegal


Since the BMW M135i three-door hatch is not sold in these United States, I'm going to assume this is the one they mean. After all, they do everything illegal. And with the practicality of money over fame, these guys would want the lifted boot.

Not a bad garage then, huh?

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