We've heard for a while that the McLaren P1 is going to be rocket fast. If new rumors are to be believed, it could be even faster than we originally thought. We're talking way faster than a GT3 racer fast.

The very active McLaren Life forums are buzzing about the P1, just as you'd expect they would. One member of the forums recently saw a finished car and says that it's glorious. But then he drops this interesting tidbit:

One thing that was telling, it's 6 seconds faster than a GT3 12c round the Catalunya racetrack.


That means the P1 can lap the Catalunya grand prix circuit in 1:45. The Catalunya track is 2.9 miles long. Cutting six seconds off an already staggeringly quick time over the course of three miles is ridiculous.

This isn't the first time we've heard a claim like this around the P1. We were also told that it was 24 seconds faster around the Silverstone Circuit than any other production car ever. A six second speed differential sounds less outlandish, but still a bit crazy.

We'll find out for real when the P1 hits Geneva in a few weeks.

(Hat Tip to Jim!)

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