Illustration for article titled The McLaren P1 GTR Will Be A Vessel Of Terrifying Track Day Awesomeness

McLaren has released an official design sketch of its track-focused P1 GTR that will debut at Pebble Beach, and it pretty much looks like murder on wheels.

The McLaren P1 is one of the fastest track cars money can buy, but some people didn't like the fact that you can also jump in it to get some milk if you need too. A license plate comes with added weight, they say, and McLaren heard them.


That's why after the 375th and final P1 rolls off the production line next June, McLaren will continue by putting together a limited number of P1 GTRs, exactly two decades after the McLaren F1 GTR's Le Mans victory.

The McLaren P1 GTR design concept will be unveiled at Pebble Beach at 18.00 EST on Friday 15 August, and Ferrari will certainly be watching.

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