The McLaren 650S Will Still Cost More Than You Can Ever Afford

Here's a hint as to the base price of the new McLaren 650S: if you sell your house and your children, and you start up an ingenious hedge fund now, you might be able to afford it in a few years. Maybe.

Here's another hint as to the base price: it's $265,500.

And that's for the coupe. The convertible Spider version starts at only five dollars. Yep, just five bucks. Apparently nobody wants them, so they're giving them out like hotcakes.



Just kidding it's $280,225.

Same thing, basically.

Those prices sit right about where the 650S' main competitor, the Ferrari 458, sits. But right now you can only buy the 650S, instead of its softer base car, the 12C, whereas you can get pretty much any 458 you want (as long as you're willing to wait), from the regular coupe to the convertible to the Speciale, which is verrrrrrry speciale.

But is it worth it?

Hell yeah.

Photo credit: McLaren


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