The McLaren 650S Sounds Like A Bellowing Eight-Pistoned Monster

Good news, for all of you who were well and truly worried about the McLaren 650S sounding like a proper car and not like a wheezy econobox. (I'm sure plenty of you exist.) It doesn't sound like a wheezy econobox at all. It sounds much, much better than that. Especially if you're sitting inside.


The McLaren, the car it's based on, the 12C, and its competitor, the Ferrari 458, sound a lot alike on paper. V8 in the middle, two seats, four wheels, big power, and the option for a hard top roof that comes down all on it own. To the person who knows literally nothing about cars, they might as well be identical.

But the real difference is in the sound of the engine. While the Ferrari's V8 sounds like a wailing, screaming banshee, the 641-horse engine in the McLaren 650S sounds anything but. It sounds like a proper V8, almost like a muscle car that actually likes to rev. It growls and it snarls and it gets into trouble.

It sounds glorious. As an engine should.



Don't get me wrong here, it sounds fantastic, but it just doesn't suit the car very well. Difference is great, but I'd rather it sound like the 458, this sound suits a muscle car or Jaaaaag better.

I said the same thing about the P1, but at least the P1 has a bit of a sci-fi edge to it.