That rear window hatch on the McLaren 570GT is a pretty cool feature for anyone who’s ever complained about the practicality of a supercar. I mean, it definitely increases the car’s storage capacity by about 49 percent, for sure. And now you can tint that rear window however you want. Can you say fancy?

McLaren’s MSO team snapped their latex gloves on and set to work and created the McLaren 570GT by MSO Concept. They added a bunch of aesthetic features to the regular 570GT that it arguably did not need. They left the engine alone, but gave it a titanium exhaust system (okay, that’s cool), finished the heat shields in a golden titanium nitride tint, jazzed up the inside, painted the car white and gave it black wheels. Luckily it still has the 3.8-liter twin turbo V8 pumping out 562 horsepower.

Image Credit: Evan Wawrzyniak

Then, they swapped out the glass window on the back for an Electro-Chromic Roof. From McLaren:

[It] takes the standard-fit glass roof with UV-protective interlayer and adds a further electro-chromic interlayer. Using a touch-sensitive headlining, the Electro-Chromic Roof can be adjusted through five defined points from almost clear to a rich, dark tint, adding a further level of comfort, privacy and protection for occupants.

McLaren also notes that this roof is currently in development for the 570GT. It’s not the first car do this, but it’s a very neat trick. It’s a luxury feature that I would use, and not point at and laugh.

If you’re at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance next week, stop by McLaren. Maybe you can get a chance to play with the window tinting if you ask real nice.

Video credit to Eric Silver.

Image Credit: McLaren
Image Credit: Evan Wawrzyniak
Image Credit: Evan Wawrzyniak