The Mazdaspeed6 Is Better Than You Remember

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The old Mazda 6 uses the same platform as the old Ford Fusion and the 2.3 turbo in the Speed6 GT was built at the same factory as the 2.3 turbo powering the 2015 Ecoboost Mustang. Coincidence? Probably. Still a great car, though.

The one thing I'll always remember this particular fast Mazda for is that a mechanic friend of mine who had to replace the rear-suspension bushings in one came back with a price that the car's owner found unacceptable, so the guy spend an hour at the parts shop checking out all available bushings that were cheaper and ended up forcing an old VW Passat's into the Mazda's rear using a power tool.


Regular Car Reviews says this now eight years old car is actually better than a WRX without anybody knowing, and with Mitsubishi currently bouncing on the edge of existence, the next version of the Speed6 might be the only car that can kick Subaru's ass.

Of course this Mazdamazdaspeed6GT is not as fast as those two on a rally stage despite the four-wheel drive, but out there, in what we call the street, it's just as rewarding.

In Europe, most bought this in Speed Yellow, which I approve.

Photo credit: outlawstar98