The first turbocharged Mustang in more than three decades is certainly a huge step up from the rental car that the V6 Mustang is, but is it fun enough to provide a real alternative to the GT?

This 2.3 is not that 2.3 you might remember from 1984. The 2015 Mustang's Ecoboost comes with a twin-scroll turbo, direct injection, forged connecting rods and a forged crankshaft, a high-pressure die-cast aluminum block and piston cooling oil jets. That's why it has a lot of torque at lower revs and in the midrange, but it's also tuned to lose most of its grunt as you get closer to the redline.

The claimed 310 horses are more like 279 at the wheel according to Motor Trend's dyno test, and they have to move roughly 3600 pounds which means the turbo Mustang is far from being the wildest pony out there.


It certainly wasn't built for the track, but let's see what's it like to drive one at speed for the first time:

The Ecoboost Mustang starts $7,000 cheaper than the GT, and gives you much better fuel economy as a daily driver. But what if a Focus ST puts a bigger smile on your face for $23,625?