Worried that buying a Rolls Royce Ghost won't adequately telegraph the vastness of your narcotics empire to peasants and easily-bribed government officials alike? Then maybe the gold-varnished Mansory version is more your thing. Also, it has 720 HP.

Mansory says it's cloaked the little Roller in a "golden robe" which is a nice way of saying they've painted roughly half the car in gold paint. But they didn't stop there, Mansory took the theme to every bit of exposed metal in the interior, then replaced the Ghost's classy wood with some bearing the brand's big ol' "M."


By fitting larger twin-turbos and remapping the engine, power has been increased from 570 to 720 HP and torque is boosted to 752 Lb-Ft. That's enough for the Ghost to hit 60 in 4.4 seconds. the 193 MPH top speed should be handy when you need to run from US drug agents that your country had to allow in to avoid a CIA-funded coup, but we'd suggest not speccing the 22" wheels if you hope to make your escape across dirt roads while not spilling your cocktail.

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