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The Man Can't Stop You From Hitting 53 In Your IROC-Z!

Frankly, we're puzzled by the drama played out in this ad for the '85 IROC-Z Camaro. There's a chiseled blonde helicopter cop obsessively following an equally chiseled, equally blonde IROC-Z driver, who scrupulously adheres to the 55MPH limit. Then they meet up in some sort of macho non-showdown in a methlab-esque desert town. Wait, are they the same man? Hey, don't worry about the plot- just listen to the heartbeat of America!


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@mcguirev10: I'm pretty sure that was indeed rob halford. In which case it was just another day for him. The blonde IROC driver OTOH, beat street pretty quickly when he realized that it wasn't a "real" cop on his tail, but he'd soon be in handcuffs all the same. Oh man the gay slash writes itself.