Getting the first photo of all three of Detroit's new muscle cars was no easy task — taking time, hard work and more than a little luck. Want to see what transpired? The folks from Garage419 showed up to create the above "behind the scenes" video showing just how it was done. We'd also like to point out while the PR folks on the ground weren't very happy with us showing up with the competition, the GM and Chevy brand PR teams back in Detroit found the stunt humorous and took it in good stride. We give them a lot of credit for doing so. And why not? It ended up making it all across the auto enthusiast online world, with even Motor Trend picking up on the story — although they seem a little bit baffled by how it all happened. But whatever. Enough words, hit the play button above! (Hat tip to Craig Lieberman, Garage419 and Ned!)


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