The Making of the Carpet Pissers LeMons CRX

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One of the best things about covering the 24 Hours of LeMons race is that some of the participants have been sending us their stories, photos, and videos. We got to see some great in-car video from the Team Santa Cruz Porsche a while back, and now the Carpet Pissers are going to micturate upon that which really ties the room together with their Dudeworthy 15-minute documentary film. Jump like a CRX trying to avoid radiator damage to watch the video, plus check out some bonus gallery photos...

Sure, the Carpet Pissers had some difficulties (not the least of which was losing that great "Abide" graphic when the hood got torn off the car) but they persevered and finished in the Top 44 cars. Be sure to check out their still photos as well.

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@discontinuuity: It was for sale on Craigslist recently.