The Lukewarm Body Of Erik Buell Racing Sells For $2.25M

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With Erik Buell Racing bankrupt, the rest of its assets went up for auction yesterday, and the winning bidder is Connecticut-based Atlantic Metals LLC, which walked away with the remains of the company for a cool $2.25 million.


According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The buyer was identified in court documents as Atlantic Metals LLC. Nothing else was disclosed about the buyer, other than they’ve agreed to acquire all of Erik Buell Racing’s motorcycle manufacturing assets which includes machinery, tooling, motorcycle inventory, parts inventory, accounts receivable and intangible assets.

Between the assets sold and India’s Hero buying EBR’s R&D and consulting services, that brings the total paid for the company to $5 million. However, EBR was in the hole for $20.4 million, including over $200,000 due to employees.

There’s no word on what Atlantic Metals plans to do with the remains of EBR, but a company bills itself as “suppliers of rare metals and alloys” probably isn’t getting into the bike business anytime soon.



Such a pitty that 1190RX was a damn fine looking bike