The Lister Bell STR Is The Lancia Stratos Of Your Dreams

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For £40,000 ($65,000), Lister Bell will build you the Lancia Stratos you always wanted. One that works.

Yes, the STR is a kit car. Not that it matters in this case. The original Lancia Stratos was basically a racing prototype multiplied 492 times. And the new one? Unavailable.


Think about it this way: By using an Alfa Romeo 166 as an engine and gearbox donor and adding the other custom bits produced by Lister Bell, you end up with a Stratos that has more space inside, as much power as you wish, the same size and much improved reliability. Unless of course you choose the STR-M, which uses a Ferrari Mondial as a base instead...


The STR can be fitted with all sorts of other engines too, but if you trust the British and stick with the Alfa 166 power plant, Lister Bell adds the spaceframe including the full integral roll cage built to RAC blue book specification, a double wishbone/strut type suspension, 308mm or 321mm ventilated discs with 4 pot calipers, a steering rack with 2.6 turns lock to lock, 15-17 inch wheels, all the wheel arches you could image and even air conditioning if you wish.

I love British engineering.