The Link Between Cars, Web 2.0: Hood Stickers!

Illustration for article titled The Link Between Cars, Web 2.0: Hood Stickers!

We usually save all of the Web 2.0 shenanigans for our brethren at Valleywag, but this was too ridiculous to not include. One of the founders of Twitter has gone off an launched Infectious. Infectious is a company that designs and sells vinyl car stickers. Just what was needed!

The artwork, which has a tad of a cool-factor, is done by a variety of somewhat famous artists. We're sure that most of you are disappointed that Infectious is currently only in a private beta phase with an official launch coming sometime this summer. [Infectious; Techcrunch]

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Rob Emslie

Boy, the sun will likely l burn those into the clear coat like the FOX logo on a five year old plasma screen.

Could I get a gross of them that say "Ass Hat" that I can surreptitiously affix to cars of those who take up two parking spots or drive like douche bagettes?