The Latest Season of Top Gear Won't Air On BBC America For Another Two Months

Photo: Top Gear/BBC
Photo: Top Gear/BBC

Top Gear, which I’m guessing is probably one of the most pirated shows, ever, has decided not to air on BBC America stateside for another two months, despite already playing on British televisions. I’m sure everybody stateside will be respectful and patient about this.

Season 26 of Top Gear will premiere on BBC America on April 25th, at 9 p.m. EST, two months after its premiere on the BBC last Sunday, Feb. 17th. Here’s how the press release describes season 26:

Five hour-long episodes see Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, Rory Reid and The Stig discovering the very best supercar alternatives to the traditional family estate car from Ferrari and Porsche, racing to the top of a mountain in a pair of the smallest 4x4’s in the UK, risking life and limb in Tuk-Tuk’s across Sri-Lanka on both land and sea, measuring just how scary the Porsche 911 GT2 RS is with the with the new-fangled gadget the ‘Fearometer 3000’, and finding out if you can buy and race second-hand luxury cars for less than the cost of a Dacia Sandero.


Top Gear Season 26 premieres Thursday, April 25 at 9/8c on BBC AMERICA.

Top Gear has a long history of being pirated, especially in the U.S., likely in part because there’s typically a delay between its air date in the UK and its air date in the U.S. If people know new episodes are out there, they know they’ll be able to find them online long before the show ever airs on BBC America.


Typically, the pirated episodes also have the original music licensed by the BBC, which is occasionally changed by the time the show airs over here due to stupid rules that only make sense to record labels and TV executives.

Despite this being an issue for years, those of you who aren’t willing to pirate the show still have to wait two months to catch up on the car adventures our friends overseas are already enjoying.

I’ve asked a Top Gear representative when the new episodes will be available to stream on iTunes and other streaming services, and will update when we know more.

This season will be the last with Matt LeBlanc on the show as a full-time host, as he goes back to host a sitcom on CBS and all the travel involved with Top Gear proved to be a bit much. Additionally, Rory Reid’s role on the show will be reduced after this season, in favor of two new main hosts, comedian Paddy McGuinness and cricketer Andrew Flintoff.

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