Internet, meet Archie. Archie, meet internet. Archie is a man from Australia who likes luxury goods. He likes luxury goods so much he even created a Youtube channel called ARCHIELUXURY to talk about them. In this video he talks about the last real Porsh, the 993 C2S.

Why does Archie think this particular car is the last real Porsh? Well, because it's the last air-cooled car and as he says:

"...if you change the cooling system, that has a huge effect on how the fackah sounds, and one of the great joys of owning a Porsh is the the fahcking acoustics, not from the fahcking shitty stayreo, from the fahcking engine, in the ass of the cah."


Couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you, Archie.

Archie's friend Descartes[sp?] is lucky enough to own one of these precious last real Porsh's. A 1997 Porsh C2S coupe, to be precise. Except, Descartes isn't lucky at all because as Archie describes it:

"[Descartes] wasn't born with any fahcking, y'know, silvah spoon in his mouth, he's worked his fahckin ringah off...."

I think we could all learn something from Descartes.

At this point I'll stop writing because you really need to be watching this video. Seriously, just do it.


(Hat Tip to Brent!)

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