Don't we all fondly remember the deprivations of childhood as the sufferings which made us such tough responsible people today? And yet once we become parents, many of us strive to eliminate all want from the lives of our offspring; we may have been happy with a rock, a stick and a creek for toys, but our children will have their character forged in the smithy of an Xbox. As for those who've never wanted for much, there's The Honey Badger's bank-shot comment on early life with a Ferrari by way of a Viper:

Back in 1997, this was my daily was my 3rd car. I was 19.

Before this I had a Bugatti W18 Chiron prototype, and a Cobra International Galmer Arbitrage GT. It was tough as a kid growing up.

I remember when I first got in the Viper. The roar of the V10 could make any one of the ladies skirts just blow right off. All of my high school friends had the GTS and we drove them around the streets causing mayhem like silly little bastards.

I never got used to the cup holders in the GTS. They wouldn't fit my Big Gulps. I had purple slurpee everywhere! Gloria my maid would have to clean it up....she was such a pain in the ass.

When turning on the car, the V10 engine sounded like a a shower room at a Turkish Prison. It was a sound I will never forget.


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