The Chevy Truck Kid Rock Concept Is Basically 'Murica: The Vehicle

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Pop-country(/rap?) Singer Kid Rock wants to celebrate the working man with a diesel-powered chrome-dipped land barge carrying $80,000 worth of with amphibious ATVs. It’s beautiful.

The Silverado 3500HD Kid Rock Concept is designated as a “celebration of freedom.” The design was created with Mr. Rock himself and Chevy’s accessory design director Todd Parker. Both big chrome fans, I guess.


“Visiting the Silverado factory was one of the coolest and most meaningful things I’ve done,” as Mr. Rock was quoted in a press release. “This truck is all about celebrating the people who build it and the freedom it enables.”

Looks like something a bad guy would drive in Road House and I kind of love it. Oh sure, I’d be embarrassed to drive it but only because I was raised the wrong kind of pretentious.


The thing is ridiculous. Also perfect. You can hate it as disgusting parade float to excess but come on; this is John Wayne driving a Sherman tank through In-N-Out burger. Evel Knievel and Captain America clinking Budweisers at a Spearmint Rhino. It’s a damn diabetic grizzly bear with an M16 for a dick and as an over-the-top attention-grabbing concept, I think it’s pretty successful.

The truck is of course powered by GM’s 6.6 Duramax diesel. Those smoke stacks still won’t roll coal as long as the emissions equipment is intact... think Mr. Rock is going to mess with it?


Images via Chevrolet, made more ‘Murica by Flag Program/Flickr

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