Kia knows how to make an exciting concept car, even if it seems to have a problem turning them into products. The Novo Fastback Concept might just be the next disappointment, but it sure is pretty.

Granted, it wouldn't be impossible to make a C-segment car like this.

First, it's powered by a 1.6 direct-injection turbo linked to a seven-speed double-clutch transmission sending power to the front wheels, and the coupe-ish four-door is also fitted with special 20-inch tires with ‘adaptive concave profiles’.

And now, the bullshit part:

Giving clear hints at future Kia styling and strategy the Kia Novo is aimed at modern urbanites with stressful jobs and frantic schedules. Interpreted by Kia’s designers, the name ‘Novo’ represents the concept of making something new and fresh.

Taking its name from the Latin ‘novatus’ the Kia Novo concept establishes a calming, focused environment in which drivers can refresh and rejuvenate as they transition from one life commitment to the next.

Fittingly, ‘novatus’ also provides the origin of the English word, ‘innovation’, which the Novo concept brings to life with thoroughly innovative styling and high-tech interior features.



Laser headlamps and rear-hinged doors aside, I would be up for a Korean compact like this, except with rear-wheel drive. That's got about the same shot of making it to production as the Novo.