The Kawei K1 Is A Diesel, Manual, Shameless F-150 Knockoff From China

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Kawei Auto took a good look at the shape of the Ford F-150; threw in a splash of chrome here, a Ranger-style vent there, wrapped it all around a tuner-car interior and strapped it to a 100 horsepower diesel engine so they could sell it for about $16,000.

Our friends at CarNewsChina tell us Kawei Auto is a subsidiary of a company called Jiangsu Kawei Automotive Industry Group headquartered in Danyang, Jiangsu Province. They built 10,000 of these "F-150 inspired" K1 pickup trucks last year, and are expanding their factory to double their output for 2015.


Kawei Auto is not holding back about where they cribbed their design. They even brought an F-150 Raptor to their booth at the Beijing Auto Show to invite comparison. The K1's brochure reads; "Stem from the pure blood of US Ford 150, KAWEI K1 Pickup is fashionable and generous."

Can't wait to hear how Ford takes being referred to as some kind of Twilight character.

The K1 gets a 107 hp 3.2 diesel engine option, or a 2.4 Mitsubishi gas engine with a whopping 143 hp. Both are hooked up to a five-speed manual with rear wheel drive, and I think it's safe to say neither is particularly motivated to accelerate, haul, or tow much of anything.


Kawei is reportedly hoping to boost business through exportation of the K1 to Europe and the Middle East, where they sent a few last year and sold for "about 100,000 yuan or 16,000 USD."


Kawei's SUV, called the W1, is built on a different platform and looks more like a Dodge Durango mated with a Kia Sorento and an older Jeep Grand Cherokee. That one goes for the equivalent of $19,000.


Hat tip to Tycho at CarNewsChina!

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