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We spent a few minutes talking to Jay Lamm (on the left), the mastermind behind the 24 Hours of LeMons. We were of course most curious as to who got penalized — and for what. As Jay probably hasn't slept in close to 48 hours, he couldn't remember every single car, though most that caught the judges ire got 30 laps. Team Punk, with their hopped up Mazda RX7s got the harshest penalty — 50 laps — because, "They didn't even have the respect to at least try and fool us."

Jay was very happy about the civility of the Thunderhill LeMons. This is opposed to the Altamont LeMons which he described as a "Bloodbath." The biggest keys, besides the much longer Thunderhill track? Removing the nerf bars and judiciously enforcing the black flags. As he was explaining this to us, we all looked up and saw Team Turd's Celica-Supra spin out (for the 900th time) and nearly cause a pile up on the backside of the hill. "Oh," Jay began. "They're done." All we have to say is thank you Mr Lamm, thank you.


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