The Joys of Hydropneumatic Suspension: Day of the Jackal

Charles de Gaulle was a tough old bastard and archetypically French, in that he pissed off everyone, yet managed to become a beloved figure. One of the most badass things the General ever said was a remark to a friend upon the execution of Jean-Marie Bastien-Thiry, the man who led his execution plot depicted at the beginning of Day of the Jackal: The French need martyrs... They must choose them carefully. I could have given them one of those idiotic generals playing ball in Tulle prison. I gave them Bastien-Thiry. They'll be able to make a martyr of him. He deserves it." Meanwhile, he credits his escape from the roadside ambush to the hydropneumatic suspension of the Citroën DS, which allowed his car to escape despite having two tires blown out by gunfire. And you wonder why the serious gangstas in South Central roll hydro-style.

Jalopnk Fantasy Garage: Citroen SM [Internal]


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