The Jet Capsule Is The Luxury Italian Yacht For The Downsizing Era

Cars are huge now, so the market for smaller and smaller cars has exploded in recent years. But more and more people with checkbooks want nice stuff in these teeny cars, so that brought us to the flood of small premium cars. Now that philosophy is spreading to yachts with this Italian creation, the Jet Capsule.

Designed by Pierpalo Lazzarini, it looks a lot like a Bond movie prop found in someone's garage. According to the Jet Capsule people, it's for those who want to carry seven friends to a private island in comfort and lots of luxury. But without that absurd cost and inconvenience of docking a full-size yacht. Naturally, it should appeal to cost-conscious yachters.


From the back, it actually reminds me a little of an AMC Pacer. Moving on now...

The Jet Capsule is powered by a 300-horsepower diesel engine that gets it up to 25 knots, but it's customizable with a dual engines that bring the power up to 800 horses, according to the company.

It needs that power to carry 8 people, an optional kitchen and bathroom and the totally customizable interior that can be lit up like a nightclub if you so choose. Or you can specify lots of teak for the floor, just like you'd have in your Bentley. If you haven't already downsized to an Audi, that is.

There's no word on price just yet or when this Buick Encore of yachts will be available, but expect it to be popular with socially conscious rich people who understand that big doesn't always mean better. You know, those progressive yacht owners.


Photos: Jet Capsule

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