The Jeep Wrangler Pickup May Finally Be Happening

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We've made it extremely clear that we've wanted nothing more in life from Chrysler than a Jeep pickup truck. We love Jeep pickup trucks. Because America. Now Jeep is indicating that they're into it, too. Are you screwing with us Jeep? Are you trying to scramble our brains? We take this very seriously.

Jeep's Mike Manley, the most appropriately named brand president since Ferrari's Mario Fuoco, told Bloomberg that he's a "big fan of a Wrangler-based pickup" and mentioned the U.S. market would be a huge source of demand. You think?

To be fair, Jeep already offers a Jeep Wrangler pickup kit that costs $5,499 and requires you to take your own Jeep apart. Totally worth it.


Besides appealing to Jalopnik readers – a high priority for the entire Fiat corporation – this makes sense from a business perspective. The Mitsubishi-clone Dodge Dakota was a miss and there's nothing obvious on the horizon. A Jeep truck could have appeal to smaller truck buyers.

Also, it's awesome. Now can we get a Cherokee-based Comanche?