The Jalopnik Yuri Gagarin Memorial Timepiece Collection

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While judges scour and pore over fine examples of coachwork from Zagato and Scaglietti, chassis and engines by Duesenberg, Aston Martin — and even a hand-picked selection of hot rods by ingenious American hoodlums — in search of a winner, Bumbeck and Johnson scoured the field for the odd little gems that most embody the spirit of awesome. Sometimes it's a detail as small as a primer bowl on a rack of Webers. Others, it's the pure aura of gigantic gobs of awesome, most strikingly displayed by the Napier-Railton Brooklands oval speed-record car. Plus, some brave individual manhandled the beast through the Corkscrew yesterday at Laguna. And what could be better than that?

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Daniel Kberg

Do you have any individual pictures of the Cadillac Cien. Also I want to give offer a thumbs up for the quality of the photography sher gut!