The Jalopnik Race Car Book Club Is Finally Coming Back!

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Yes, my literary-but-automotive friends, the rumors are true: the Jalopnik Race Car Book Club is making its triumphant return! Get your reading glasses on, because we’re going to take a ride.


Starting a full-time job here at Jalopnik while also attending graduate school full-time for two degrees, getting married to someone in a different country, and trying to write an entire novel proved to be a little too difficult for any extracurricular reading—but I’m happy to announce that I have Gotten My Shit Back Together! By which I mean, I applied for solely online classes, opted to stop traveling, and finished the novel in the span of a month over the summer!

Thankfully, that means I’ll have time to talk all things book with you fine folks here on the internet.

In case you forgot how this whole thing works, here’s a quick recap of how we do things in these parts:

Leave your thoughts in the comments of the published review or email them to me (ewerth [at] jalopnik [dot] com)! Anything goes: talk about the writing style, the cars mentioned, the relative merits of how true things are in the book… you name it! I want to hear it all.

And we want recommendations. If there’s a book you think we shouldn’t miss, leave it in the comments of this post or any of the other Race Car Book Club reviews! Such is the beauty of a book club.

If you’re sending an email, here’s the ideal format:


Subject: Jalopnik Race Car Book Club

Body: [Your Kinja username if you have one]

[Your steamy hot book club take]

[Any other books you’d like to see!]

Now, since you good humans never did get your review of Breaking the Limit: One Woman’s Motorcycle Journey Through North America by Karen Larsen, we’ll pick it back up there. Give the book another re-read and drop your thoughts in the comments. You have until Monday, October 7, 2019!


Go out there and get reading!

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I cannot recommend this one enough.