The Jalopnik Morning Shift

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• Schremp's going to make well over $100 million on the sale of the automaker he once ravaged took over merged with Daimler and made it his bitch equally. [Freep]
• Now that Chrysler Group's no longer able to spend money willy-nilly, they're forced to finally look south for production capacity, joining such titans of the automotive industry as Ford and GM. [Detroit News]
• And here's the Freep's one required "positive piece" on an 'merican automaker for the day. [Freep]
• We can't believe we're actually looking to the Detroit News as a bastion of objectivity on the above story — but hey, they're certainly better at it today than the Freep was. [Detroit News]
• Drivers ponder lousy mileage? [WSJ via Detroit News]


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