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• Who knew ToMoCo trucks were for queens? And tool queens at that! [globeauto]
• Speculation won't solve the ills of the auto industry? Are you sure about that? Whatever shall the pundit press do without that — they're an integral part of the industry right? And by "they" we include us. [Detroit News]
• FoMoCo's selling APCO, but no one seems to know for how much. Any guesses? [hemscott]
• Get a HEMI or some bonus cash or you know, be part of a FoMoCo challenge. [Detroit News]
• Renault's a little surrender-monkey — doing business with Iran. Jeesh, don't they know only our companies are allowed to do that? [just-auto]
• The General, as we reported yesterday, kicked a little bit of sales ass in February. Too bad ToMoCo is the never-slowing android super-company from the land of the rising sun. [Detroit News]