The Jalopnik Morning Shift

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• Hey come on everyone, let's all snowmobile across the straits of Mackinac. Yeah — you go on ahead, we'll gingerly walk across. [Freep]
• Ok Chrysler, call it in the air — head means you're GM's bitch, tails means you're somebody else's. [Detroit News]
• Will the rear wheels on your GTO blow out and send you to your death on your ride home from work? More at eleven. [Yahoo News]
• Wait, we heard yesterday FoMoCo had too many people accept buyouts. Oh I see, FoMoCo did it department by department — how bureaucratically inefficient of them. [Detroit News]
• The power duo of Katie Merx and young Harry Potter Tim Higgins take on what union workers will have to give up in '07 to keep their jobs. Our bet is a lot. [Freep]


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