The Jalopnik Morning Shift

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• FoMoCo employees are Furious with a capital "F" over getting F-ed by Dearborn on their buyouts. But can Ford help that there are more people looking for buyouts than their willing to accept? [Freep]
• A GM-Chrysler tie-up won't hit Metro Detroit too hard. [Detroit News]
• It's Paczki day here in Detroit, and it reminds of the other fat on the bone, the UAW jobs bank. But from what we hear, contract negotiations won't be held up by the UAW requiring this. Paczki's however — that's something they will need. [Freep]
• Yeah, used tires would be kind of a problem. [Detroit News]
• My name is Juan Pablo Montoya, fix my car...or prepare to die. [Salt Lake Tribune]


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