The Jalopnik Morning Shift

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• Danny, any time the General does well it defies the skeptics. [Detroit News]
• From the midwest, to the east coast, down to the Arches of St. Louis and back home...these are our job cuts. Yes, it's the wrong company for the tune, but whatevs, we think it works. [Detroit News]
• So wait, Arnold's going to save DaimlerChrysler this morning? [Freep]
• ToMoCo will pick site for the super awesome really cheap car in April. The best guess is they'll shake their Tata's in India. [Daily Times]
• There are probably better and more legal ways to not tell your wife you crashed the car. [ABC 13]
• Last but not least, we're here in Auburn Hills to wish Happy Valentine's Day to DaimlerChrysler employees. Be careful driving in this morning to the tech center, it's a mess of snow out there and you'd hate to lose your job and crash your $150 a month Jeep Commander on the same day. [Freep]


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