The Jalopnik Morning Shift

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• So wait a second — does this mean Delaware is Europe? [NYT]
• "Maximum" Bob Lutz turns 75 today, plus some other interesting stuff other than the fact that he's older than dirt and designing cars for the kiddies. I do think he's explaining in the picture how he was born from a jet. [Detroit News]
• Joe Guy Collier argues the Toyota Tundra has the right stuff for people who don't need trucks. [Freep]
• We knew there was something special about the Enzo Ferrari — we just knew it was an icon for somebody. [LSE]
• Now that Bernhard is gone, Winterkorn can focus on his one true love — the tiny car. [Forbes]
• We love it any time Danny Howes starts a piece off with "bowels" anywhere in the first sentence. [Detroit News]


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